Agent Assist

Agent Assist are Tenant Eviction and Rent Recovery specialists.

Agent Assist is the department of award winning Landlord Assist which provides bespoke products and services to Letting Agents, Housing Associations, Landlord Associations and other bodies.

Since 2007 we have been  involved in dealing with tenancies that have deteriorated, rent recovery and in the eviction of tenants. We are normally engaged when the tenant has stopped paying the rent or refuses to vacate or is party to anti social behaviour.

We act for Agents throughout England

There are a myriad of reasons why you should consider passing your deteriorating tenancy situations to us:

1)   You are the Client and so we will provide you with all the support and help you need.

2)   Your professional indemnity insurance probably does not cover you for drafting notices and dealing with possession claims and therefore you are taking a big risk in considering undertaking these for your Clients.

3)   We will never criticize any of your processes to your Client as you, the letting agent are our Client. This way we can normally ensure that you will be reinstructed on the property once possession has been gained.

4)   Tenants will often react in a more positive fashion once they realize the matter has been given to a third party.

5)   Landlords will no longer trouble you about the rent arrears, the tenant moving out and the like as once we are instructed we will be providing them with regularly updates unless you wish us to liaise only with yourselves.

6)   Our system is very cost effective and we work on fixed fees. Ideal for your Clients especially at a time when their rental income may have stopped.

7)   We can provide you with access to free advice on all landlord and tenant maters ensuring that you provide a superb service to your Clients.

8)   We are possibly more likely to be able to get a tenancy situation back on track than the managing agent as often with deteriorating situations the tenant refuses to answer the managing agents calls or letters.

9)   Should the matter proceed to Court then we can provide attendance at the hearing as most courts will no longer accept evidence from the Agent.

10) We are experts in tenant eviction and you are experts in lettings. The Client will ultimately benefit with us both playing to our strengths.

11) By allowing us to deal with the work we enjoy will free you up to get on with the fee generating work that you enjoy!

If you are interested in Agent Assist working with your Letting Agency then get in touch on 01843 223223 or email us at