Agent Assist

Affiliate Scheme

Agent Assist is a dedicated division of Landlord Assist and provides a bespoke scheme for Letting Agents to provide additional and further services to their current offering as well as the ability to earn referral fees.

There are no joining fees, no subscription fees indeed we only charge for the products and services that you use. The way that our affiliate scheme works means that you can earn a significant and ongoing income stream from using us.

Established in 2007 we provide a dedicated service run by property experts. We provide a free advice line for our members. Supported by a number of partners and an advocacy team of almost 200 we provide a truly nationwide service.

We currently act for over 400 branch offices through the UK. Surely we should be working with your firm too?

How does the Agent Benefit?

In addition to having access to our valuable services you will earn a steady income from us. An average Branch office that undertakes 10 lettings a month, uses our referencing, uses our  warranty products for half of their lettings and undertakes a tenant eviction say once a year would earn over £500 a month. In contrast the agent would be billed less than £3,000 for all of the above services.

Because our services are so innovative and give agents an edge in their marketplace we will generally only accept a small number of  agents in each area. This way we can create greater value for our Members.

FREE Telephone and Email Support:

We provide our agents with unlimited (subject to fair use policy) telephone and email support and will endeavour to deal with any questions of a landlord and tenant nature. Some agents even sell the helpline facility to their Clients and then forward their questions and queries to us.

Tenant Eviction and Rent Recovery

We will arrange for the preparation and service of the notices on your tenant. This is often the only action that is required however with certainty the tenant will realise that the matter is being taken seriously. In the event that court action is required we will arrange for the preparation drafting and submission of the claim by a firm of solicitors. Following the court hearing we can arrange for a bailiff to execute a warrant of possession if required.

Why take the risk that the notices you prepare are correct given the ever changing legislation. We will undertake the notices for you, your landlord will take comfort from knowing the matter is being handled by a specialist firm and you can get on with your own fee generating activities. 

Eviction warranty:

Whilst we are happy to accept instructions for tenant eviction on an ad hoc basis we can also provide your firm with an eviction warranty. For a very small nominal fee you can assure your landlords that in the event that the tenancy deteriorates that we will undertake the eviction for no further charge to them. It’s a great way for you to gain management instructions and to convert let only business to full management.


Agent Assist affiliate flyer (PDF)