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N Whild December 2013.

Thank you! I’m thrilled that the judgement went our way The law seems massively biased towards the tenant, irrespective of whether or not they have paid their rent.
How long does the application for warrant of possession take and can we claim any of these costs back from her?
I’m sorry if I sound to be having a bit of a rant. I thought this would be the end of it and we would now be able to focus on getting the house re-rented. This is not meant as any reflection on the service you have provided which has been excellent so thank you for that. More

Wants to remain anonymous November 2013

I had a very difficult, manipulative and abusive tenant. It was so bad, that one plumber refused to ever go back to service the property because of the abusive nature of the tenant. After several years of putting up with it, I decided enough is enough and I need to regain possession of my property. The tenant was on top of all the recent legal changes and very familiar with the law. I retained you following the advice given by my Estate Agent. I was very happy with the service. They helped secure a positive outcome and were responsive to all my questions throughout the process.