Tenant Eviction and Rent Recovery

Agent Assist Eviction Warranty

The Agent Assist Eviction warranty gives you and your landlords the peace of mind that should the tenancy deteriorate that our experienced and efficient team will undertake the tenant eviction at no further cost to you. Not only will we arrange for the court application for possession and the eviction of your tenant but we will also prepare and serve the Section 8 notice for you.

Available from just £15.00 per tenancy subject to a minimum of 10 per month.

A recent survey by the NLA stated that 49% of landlords have experienced rent arrears over the last 12 months, over 100,000 tenants have rent arrears at any given time and according to the Debtline report the number of calls received regarding rent arrears have increased 84% in the last 4 years. Furthermore another survey suggested that 62% of notices presented to Courts were defective. Given that the average solicitor charges between £150 and £200 per hour and an eviction can cost upwards of £1000 we are sure you will agree our warranty offers incredible value.

Simply contact us and detail the referencing that you undertake and the number of lettings that you do. We will then calculate a per tenancy charge for the warranty. You then just complete a monthly return of the tenancies that are to be covered and that is it!!

In the event of a claim you just email us the warranty claim form and we will get started for you. The warranty fee includes the preparation and service of notices as well a subsequent court claim if required.

This is probably the most cost effective way of undertaking a tenant eviction that is currently available in the UK.