Tenant Eviction and Rent Recovery

Tenant Eviction – Action Letter to Tenant

Action Letters cost £39.00 plus VAT and are issued by Agent Assist. They can be very effective if your tenant(s) fall into one of the following categories:

  • Rental payments are generally up to date however payment is sporadic or late.
  • There are rent arrears of less than two months rent if the rent is due monthly or less than eight weeks if the rent is due weekly
  • The tenant is not maintaining the property to a satisfactory standard
  • The tenant has breached one or more of the covenants within the tenancy agreement

You may not wish for your tenant to be evicted at this point nor for proceedings to be brought against them however the situation may very well benefit from a strong letter from a third party to bring them back on track.

Action letters are available regardless of whether the property is situated in England, Scotland or Wales.