Tenant Eviction and Rent Recovery

Preparation and service of notices

Agent Assist has a wealth of experience and skills in protecting landlords where they are experiencing such difficulties. The aim is to ensure those not accountable for their actions are removed from the property with minimal fuss and financial loss to the Landlord.

The service that we offer is a three stage service with a fee attached to each level. In many cases only the first stage is necessary thereby reducing the cost to the landlord and more quickly returning the property back to the landlord.

We never ask for monies on account, do not charge hourly rates like many solicitors and only request payment for each stage as the need for that stage arises.

England and Wales:

Action Letter: Action letter to tenants £39.00 plus VAT

Action Stage One: Service of Notice(s) to tenant £95.00 plus VAT

Action Stage Two: Preparation of Court Papers and Attendance at Court £450.00 plus VAT plus court fee

Action Stage Three: Bailiff to remove tenant and Lock Change £150.00 plus VAT(£100 plus VAT without lock change) plus court fee



Scotland has its own legal system and a different procedure to reuniting property owners with their investment properties. We at Agent Assist have a three stage process for Agents who act for Landlords with properties in Scotland:

Stage 1:

We will arrange for the renunciation letter and appropriate documents under the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 to be prepared, drafted and served on the tenant – namely the Notice to Quit, AT6 form and Section 33 Notice. The tenant will immediately realise that the landlord is making positive steps to address the situation. Should this not have the desired outcome then we should move to a formal court application.

Cost: £120 plus VAT

Stage 2:

We will arrange for a regulated firm of Solicitors to prepare and draft proceedings which will be submitted in the local Sheriff Court. You will then be advised of a Court hearing date and the hearing would be conducted by a nominated Advocate.

Cost: £550 plus VAT plus court fee.

Stage 3:

If the tenant has not left the property by the date stated by the Court then we can arrange for the tenant to be removed by a Sheriff Officer.

Cost: £195 plus VAT plus court fee.

Agent Assist are able to operate a fixed fee system on the basis that many of the cases that we deal with are not defended by the tenants. Where a defence and/or counterclaim is submitted by your tenant we will agree fees to act on your behalf or are happy to move the case to the solicitor of your choice.

We conduct tenant evictions throughout the Country and have access to a team of 200 legally qualified advocates who appear in court to secure the possession of property back from tenants.
Because of the number of advocates we have we are able to guarantee attendance at any Court on any date provided we are given 5 days notice of the hearing date.